Digital Anti-Corruption Conference on December 7

We invite you to attend the first Digital Anti-Corruption Conference! Is the future of anti-corruption digital? Can digital tools solve any corruption problem? What are the problems we are still looking for solutions and what might they look like? We are trying to find answers to these questions by bringing together representatives of the public and private sectors, civil society, investors and...

TI Estonia takes part in Giving Tuesday!

On November 30, Giving Tuesday takes place in Estonia for the third time. This is the time when NGOs across Estonia invite people to solve problems in society. TI Estonia takes part in the Giving Tuesday campaign for the second time and invites everyone to participate in the Corruption-free donation campaign! Our new strategic goals for the next three years are ready and You can support us in...

TI Estonia compiled an overview of what local government candidates promise to do against corruption

Transparency International Estonia published an overview of all the local election platforms of the participating parties and election coalitions, which deal with anti-corruption measures and increasing transparency and integrity. “There is still a high risk of corruption in local governments, which is why we were interested in what the parties and election coalitions themselves want to do in...

We created a playful study material on the topic of whistleblowing for schools

Transparency International Estonia prepared study material for schools to introduce the topic of whistleblowing through Values Games. The study material is intended for Grades 6-12 and it can be downloaded free of charge from TI Estonia’s website in both Estonian and Russian. “In order for young people to understand that we all have a role to play in shaping the environment around us, young...

TI Estonia published a handbook on participatory budgeting for schools

During the last academic year, four schools across Estonia conducted participatory budgeting in cooperation with the NGO Transparency International Estonia and The Estonian Cooperation Assembly. By now, guidance material for conducting the process independently has been completed, and schools are expected to join with the project this autumn. Participatory budgeting is an initiative in which a...

Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer: business executives are considered the most corrupt in Estonia

According to the Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer, Estonian residents are most likely to consider business executives (24%) to be corrupt, followed by members of parliament (17%) and bankers (17%). Slightly less than half of the respondents (46%) think the government is run by a few big interests votes. Compared to the situation five years ago, the dishonest behaviour of...

TI Estonia: reports had raised broader questions on the use of public funds by the ex-prime minister Jüri Ratas

Riigikogu speaker Jüri Ratas (Center) appeared on ETV news show "Aktuaalne kaamera" (AK) Friday night, denying he had misused public funds during his time as prime minister. Speaking to AK, Ratas said he had: "Only used these funds to cover public and prime ministerial work." The interview followed an article in investigative weekly Eesti Ekspress earlier this week, that claimed that a four-day...

TI Estonia: Estonia’s stagnant score on Corruption Perceptions Index requires long-term plan to root out political corruption

Estonia has improved its result by only one point in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2020, placing it on the 17th place with 75 points. The Corruption Perceptions Index analyses the extent of corruption in the public sector and policymaking, as perceived by external experts and the business community. The findings are interpreted on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0...

TI Estonia: the fact that within 24 hours the corruption scandal of Keskerakond was forgotten and got invited to form a coalition, shows that we are not exactly where we're supposed to be in terms of political culture

Watch "AK. Nädal": Is the new government normalizing corruption? on ERR. The Reform Party started coalition negotiation with the Center Party a day after the party resigned due to corruption allegations. ETV's weekly current affairs show "AK. Nädal" looked at whether the Reform Party is normalizing corruption when forming the new government and what it will mean for the new government. Elmar Sepp...

Join the discussion! „Snitchers, Tattletales, and Whistleblowers“ at Arvamusfestival on August 14 at 16-17:30

Whistleblowing is not seen as a favoured phenomenon in Estonia. People who dare to speak up against injustice or fraud are usually beaten down by the criticism from the society, or even worse: their colleagues, friends and family. Nevertheless, the lack of legislative support to whistleblowers is ought to change by the end of 2021 when the EU directive on the protection of people reporting abuses...

Coalition to Make Whistleblowing Safe During COVID-19 and Beyond

The signatories to this letter call on all public authorities and institutions to protect those who report or expose the harms, abuses and serious wrongdoing that arise during this period of crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also encourage all citizens and workers to participate in ensuring our governments, corporate institutions and markets remain accountable, and in defending the human...

Estonian-Latvian joint proposal chosen to the top 8 of global IMF Anti-Corruption Challenge

In a powerful recognition to the Baltic anti-corruption movement, the joint proposal by Transparency International (TI) chapters in Estonia and Latvia, Ministry of Justice of Estonia, School of Data in Latvia and Open Knowledge Estonia, aiming to harvest open data for early detection of conflicts of interest in public procurement, makes it to the final of International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Anti-...

Politicians and PR managers trying to lay down lobbying rules

Read the article on ERR . Politicians and Transparency International Estonia are discussing how to organize lobbying in Estonia. The field is not regulated today, while introducing a set of rules would render society more transparent, Transparency International finds. Executive manager of the nonprofit Carina Paju said that lobbying needs to be defined and regulated in Estonia because legislative...

Proposal from TI Estonia and partners to the International Monetary Fund Anti-Corruption Challenge was shortlisted

Exciting news - our proposal to the International Monetary Fund Anti-Corruption Challenge has been shortlisted! Together with partners from Open Knowledge Estonia, Justiitsministeerium, DELNA - Sabiedrība par atklātību and Datu skola we submitted an idea that would harvest open data for early detection of conflicts of interest in public procurement. Crossing Estonian and Latvian datasets from the...

Estonia: time to increase transparency in policy-making

This article was originally published on Transparency International's blog Voices. See here . Estonia, a small country of only 1.3 million people, has made a brand for itself through setting up e-governance systems like nowhere else in the world. Losing that contact point between a citizen and a civil servant, or rather moving it to the digital world, has been one of the main reasons why the...

Anti-Corruption Act 2019 to be given to newspaper Postimees and investigative journalists Martin Laine and Oliver Kund for consistent work on whistleblower protection

During the conference "Fish Rots from the Head Down: Tone at the Top in the Private Sector" held on International Anti-Corruption Day, Transparency International Estonia announced the Anti-Corruption Act of 2019. The award was given to the Estonian daily Postimees and investigative reporters Martin Laine and Oliver Kund for consistent work on the issue of whistleblower protection while reporting on alleged fraud of EU funds in Tallinn Technical University.

Reform, Centre, EKRE, SDE, Richness, all fail to answer corruption survey

Transparency International Estonia (TI) has sent a questionnaire surveying parties' willingness to engage in anti-corruption activities to10 political parties running in this year's parliamentary elections, receiving responses from four so far: the Free Party, the Greens, Estonia 200 and Isamaa. "It is pleasing that four parties showed that they care about the mitigation of corruption risks,"...

III Roundtable of Political Parties

On 16th of February, the third roundtabel of political parties took place. The discussion focused on the assembly process of the state budget and how parliamentarians may affect the process. In regards to the parliamentary poltical parties, only the representative of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia was absent.

Estonia's standstill in the CPI has been cemented

Transparency International Estonia has published the 2016 results of the Corruption Perceptions Index. Estonia has, for the second year in a row, achieved 70 points, and is placed on the 22nd place among 176 countries.

Annual meeting and TIE 15 celebrations

On June 29th, 2015 the representatives of the board and the membership gathered at hotel Euroopa in order to sign off the 2014 annual report and celebrate 15 years of Transprency International Estonia. TIE members Tarmu Tammerk, Agu Laius and Asso Prii recollected the early years of TIE, how the society has changed during the years and what TIE has achieved so far. TIE thanks its members for the...