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Corruption Perceptions Index 2018



Recognition of the act of misconduct in football, which has helped to end the culture of silence in sport, was recognized as an act of anti-corruption

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, TI Estonia recognized those brave athletes and coaches who drew attention to misconduct in football. Among the first to talk about it were football clubs Nõmme Kalju ex-footballer Mia Belle Trisna and FC Elva’s former coach *Lauri (name changed in Eesti Ekspress), contributing to the shift in values in other sports as well. “...

Digital Anti-Corruption Conference on December 7

We invite you to attend the first Digital Anti-Corruption Conference! Is the future of anti-corruption digital? Can digital tools solve any corruption problem? What are the problems we are still looking for solutions and what might they look like? We are trying to find answers to these questions by bringing together representatives of the public and private sectors, civil society, investors and...

TI Estonia takes part in Giving Tuesday!

On November 30, Giving Tuesday takes place in Estonia for the third time. This is the time when NGOs across Estonia invite people to solve problems in society. TI Estonia takes part in the Giving Tuesday campaign for the second time and invites everyone to participate in the Corruption-free donation campaign! Our new strategic goals for the next three years are ready and You can support us in...

TI Estonia compiled an overview of what local government candidates promise to do against corruption

Transparency International Estonia published an overview of all the local election platforms of the participating parties and election coalitions, which deal with anti-corruption measures and increasing transparency and integrity. “There is still a high risk of corruption in local governments, which is why we were interested in what the parties and election coalitions themselves want to do in...

We created a playful study material on the topic of whistleblowing for schools

Transparency International Estonia prepared study material for schools to introduce the topic of whistleblowing through Values Games. The study material is intended for Grades 6-12 and it can be downloaded free of charge from TI Estonia’s website in both Estonian and Russian. “In order for young people to understand that we all have a role to play in shaping the environment around us, young...

TI Estonia published a handbook on participatory budgeting for schools

During the last academic year, four schools across Estonia conducted participatory budgeting in cooperation with the NGO Transparency International Estonia and The Estonian Cooperation Assembly. By now, guidance material for conducting the process independently has been completed, and schools are expected to join with the project this autumn. Participatory budgeting is an initiative in which a...