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Recipient: MTÜ Korruptsioonivaba Eesti
Postal address: Telliskivi 60a, 10412 Tallinn
Bank name: AS LHV Pank
IBAN: EE637700771003128056

Our strategic goals for 2021-2024:

Disclosure of donors to ensure transparency

Valid from October 1, 2021

TI Estonia publishes a list of persons who have donated to the association once a year. The donor can notify the association if he or she does not wish to have his or her name disclosed by writing to If the donor has made donations for more than €500 in one financial year, the association considers it exclusively important to ensure transparency, which is why, in this case, it is not possible to remain anonymous.

Donations received from the refund of excess income tax are disclosed as a separate total, since it is not possible for the association to identify the person or persons who made the donation.

We have joined the best practices of asking donations, which for us first and foremost means:

  • On the website, the donor can find all the information about the association: the board, members and employees of the association, annual reports with the auditor’s decision, projects, funders, our activities and news and our calendar of advocacy meetings and events.
  • As we are Estonia’s only independent anti-corruption organization representing public interests, we use the donations to fulfill our strategic and statutory goals: we organize events to raise awareness of corruption among various target groups, conduct analyzes to identify sectors’ susceptibility to corruption, and act to guide and influence corruption policies.
  • We accept single or multiple donations and grants from both individuals and companies, provided that the donation does not compromise our independence and reputation. In case of doubt, the board will evaluate the specific donation, and if it is found that the acceptance of the financial support would not be in accordance with our principles, the donation will be returned to the donor immediately.
  • We never put any pressure on a person to make a donation.
  • The money received as donations is used prudently, purposefully and efficiently. If you notice unethical behavior or actions, you can report it to impartial trustees in accordance with the association’s code of ethics.

How do we report on the use of donations?

We provide an overview of the use of money on the website and in the annual report. You can keep yourself informed of our activities through our website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and our monthly newsletter.

Are you an entrepreneur or an individual?

Transparency International Estonia belongs to the list of associations with income tax benefits, which allows legal persons to make donations tax-free and individuals to deduct the donated amount from their taxable income.

How to donate your income tax refund to TI Estonia?

  1. Submit an income tax return in the e-MTA
  2. Select “If you wish, you can donate to up to three NGOs”
  3. The minimum amount of the donation is 1 euro and “Add recipient”
  4. Mark TI Estonia as the recipient of the donation and add the amount you want to donate.

Terms of donation

Donations can be made through our contract partner Maksekeskus AS through a secure and convenient payment environment or through your bank. It is possible to make a single donation or monthly regular donations.

When making a single donation, you will be directed to the Internet bank with the donation data pre-filled in by you via, which will save you time and reduce the chances of making mistakes when entering the data.

When making regular donations, click on the logo of your Internet bank (Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, Coop Pank). After logging in, you can check and change the pre-filled fields.

The currency of the donation is the euro.

Payment methods

Bank links: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Pocopay


Making a donation via a bank link works like making a regular payment. To access the Internet bank, you need a username and a password. You can access the Internet bank with an ID-card, Mobile ID, Smart ID or PIN-calculator. It is safest to log in to the Internet bank using an ID-card or Mobile ID. 

If you have any doubts about the security of the Internet bank, contact your home bank immediately.

Read more about processing of personal data here.

Administrative costs

In the case of a single donation, the transaction costs will be 0.20 euros to the banks and 0.20% of the amount donated to Maksekeskus AS (but no more than 3 euros), the remaining money will go to the NGO.

In-kind contributions

If you wish to support the association in other ways, for example by supporting activities with non-monetary resources, please contact: tel. +372 50 72 500, e-mail info(at)