Strategic goals 2021-2024

Our goal: TI Estonia with increased capabilities will raise public awareness of corruption, thereby contributing to increased transparency and the prevention of corruption. Our priorities in 2021-2024 are:

  • Political integrity
  • Corruption-free local governments
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Business integrity
  • Youth integrity

In order to achieve these goals, we have also set organization-specific goals:

  • TI Estonia’s strategic activities are in line with Transparency International’s strategy for 2030, national documents affecting the field, such as “Estonia 2035”, and developments in legislation and legal policy
  • TI Estonia is active in the field of corruption and transparency, while being independent, apolitical and professional.
  • TI Estonia’s activities are planned in a way that allows it to involve and reach the English and Russian speaking population as well.
  • TI Estonia is engaged in the competency-based expansion of its membership. The organisation cooperates with experts from the academy, the press, companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations. The organisation continues to actively participate in the Corruption Prevention Network.
  • TI Estonia is actively involved in staff expansion and the establishment of sustainable financial mechanisms. For this, in budgeting the diversity of funding is monitored, i.e. in terms of donors and funding resources.