Police investigating company helping conscripts avoid military service


The Central Criminal Police's corruption bureau has filed a criminal complaint against Armylaw OÜ and two of its associates for offering exemptions from conscription service. Initial reports indicate that falsified information and documents were supplied.

According to police, Armylaw OÜ provides legal counsel on how to avoid conscription, giving clients the impression that the activity is legal.

Their clients were instructed to provide false information regarding their place of residence or language skills, such as by enabling them to register their residence abroad and to remain invisible to the Defense Resources Agency, which relies on civil registry data. Armylaw agents acted on behalf of a client by providing false information in order to exempt them from military service.

The allegation refers to 10 activities executed by Armylaw on behalf of clients.

Armylaw OÜ and its representatives, 38-year-old Andrei Vesterinen, the company's sole owner, and 26-year-old Janika, as well as the young persons who utilized their services are suspect in the case.

Head of the Central Criminal Police's corruption bureau Ats Kübarsepp said that based on the information obtained thus far the company's clients attempted to avoid military service by providing false information.

Prosecutor Janno Reinkort of the Northern District Prosecutor's Office said knowingly falsifying a document and using it are separate offenses punishable by up to three years in prison.

"The purpose of submitting the forged document was to obtain a false residence registration number and, through the registration, exemption from military service," Reinkort said.

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