The Increasing of TI Estonia´s capability of influencing policy making through development and implementation of involvement based advocacy system

Project has ended


The aim of the project is to strengthen the advocacy capability of TI Estonia and to develop a complete and sustainable advocacy system that enables to communicate the views and concerns of TI Estonia´s members and anti-corruption network members to political decision makers and the general public in a more efficient way. The latter increases TI Estonia´s capability to influence policy making. Members and network members shall be fully involved in the development in order to ensure the best representation of their interests and the quality of the system.

During the project TIE develops documents upon which later communication with the partners from civil society and the network of NGO´s against corruption is based on. The communication and involvement procedures developed are meant to also give the public a clear overview how to approach TIE and what forms of standard cooperation are available.

The documents also lay a foundation for involving a broader range of NGO´s to TIE´s network against corruption in the future and in addition they will make more information about TIE`s activities available to public so that anyone who wishes to contribute to the fight against corruption can see whether TIE is engaged with the specific topic the person in interested in and how to cooperate with TIE in regard to the topic.

In general the project aims to strengthen anticorruption related cooperation between various NGO´s through involvement of different parties and joint development of policy recommendations to public sector institutions.

The project is funded by KÜSK.