Curbing corruption by enhancing Estonian private sector integrity

Project has ended

Project is aimed at reducing corruption in society through systematic preventative approach to Estonian private sector. Prerequisite for widespread corrupt activities is its uniform level of existence in society. Corruption is likely to flourish if it is made possible in all the relevant spheres – administration, private sector and (civil)society in general and reducing it in one would ultimately lead to decrease in others. This project is aimed at strengthening the self-control systems of Estonian enterprises in the private sector in order to prevent possible corrupt relations and to convince undertakings in the need for this. One of the key elements of this project is developing self-assessment checklist for private sector organisations in order to provide them the necessary tool to assess their internal corruption risks and countering practices. For the first time such initiative is sourced from civil society and will be implemented in cooperation with different NGOs and also engaging governmental institutions and private sector organisations themselves. This will strenghten the capacity of NGOs in leading off and implementing processes of such extent and foster the cooperation on three domains. Measures taken to avoid corruption in Estonian private sector will be analysed and recommendation to make them more effective will be made. Self-assessment checklist will be developed together with guiding principles manual for explaining the practical use of the checklist. Guiding principles for implementation of these recommendations are developed and private sector awareness on the need and value coming thereof will be emphasized. Genreal awareness of prevention of corruption will rise in Estonian private sector thereby reducing the spread of corruption through out the society. Project is supported by National Foundation of Civil Society