Transparency International Estonia

Transparency International Estonia is a leading civil society organization in the fight against corruption in Estonia. 

TI Estonia is accredited national chapter of Transparency International. 

TI Estonia’s main fields of activity are analyzing and highlighting the risks of corruption, awareness raising and strengthening cooperation between public institutions and private persons in the fight against corruption. TI Estonia has a project-based operation. An overview of past and present projects can be found here and a list of donors can be found here.


TI Estonia

Contact information

Reg. no. 80246815

Address: Telliskivi 60a/3 (III floor), 10412 Tallinn

Tel.: (+372) 50 72 500 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

E-mail: info(at)



TI Estonia Board

Erkka Jaakkola (Chairman of the Board)

Elsa Leiten

Piret Kustasson

Steven-Hristo Evestus 



Carina Paju

Executive Director




TI Estonia is a member of the Estonian Network of Nonprofit Organisations (Vabaühenduste Liit).

Since 2019, TI Estonia is an associate member of the Whistleblowing International Network (WIN).


Getting to us:

The office of TI Estonia is located conveniently in the city centre of Tallinn in Telliskivi Loomelinnak, building A3, 3rd floor. The A3 building is situated behind the famous restaurant F-hoone.